Posted by: qmaxim | November 20, 2013

book review: R Statistical Application Development by Example Beginner’s Guide

Recently I read  the following book : R Statistical Application Development by Example Beginner’s Guide by Prabhanjan Narayanachar Tattar, published by Packt Publishing U.K.

Here is my review of the book:

R  is a open source statistical programming language suited for data analysis, visualization , data mining & for learning Statistics.  Due explosion of  data in the recent years,  R is gaining great traction.

Dr Tattar has a written a book for beginners who want quickly get going on doing data analysis at the same time gain some knowledge on programming  using R. The book has following chapters – basic R data types, importing/ exporting data, Data Visualization, Exploratory Analysis, Statistical Inference, Linear Regression Analysis, Logistic Regression Model, Regression Models with Regularization, Classification and Regression Trees, CART (a machine learning technique).

This book is written in easy to understand and friendly  format. It is meant  for learning R as well as the understanding basics of Statistical Analysis. Emphasis is on using the techniques to draw useful conclusions rather than on heavy theoretical details. R code and interpretation of results of analysis  is explained  in clear to understand lucid style.

Book covers topics from basic concepts to fairly sophisticated model building techniques. I found some of the chapters particularly good, for example, on Regression models with  Regularization.

Overall this is a  good book for a beginner in the field.

I will be pleased to hear your views

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