Posted by: qmaxim | July 17, 2010

Innovation in power and energy

A while back, a friend of mine was asked by Planning commission ( Govt. India) for advice on the innovation in the power sector with an objective  to reduce cost of  power, minimize environmental damage, & meet increasing demand of energy in the country. He in turn asked some of us for ideas and inputs. Though I have  no background in power/energy field I decided to risk commenting  as experience has shown that innovation often comes from ideas / people from fields other than field in question. Also, people in the field are often constrained in their thinking by what is  called mental inertia.

Here it is. Please feel free to give your feedback.
1. Putting pressure / incentives for industry in  improving power  factors – this is found to be possible.
2. Incentives and policy to switch over to Super high pressure power generation
3.  Stepping up  voltage to much  higher level as possible to reduce transmission losses.
4. Preventing blatant power stealing by especially high and mighty. In many states including Karnataka State farmers are given free power  & meters have been removed. It is worthwhile to put electronic tamper proof meters- as power is quite often getting diverted to other industries. This has in fact reduced losses substantially in the state of  Karnataka.
5. In some countries roof top solar power for  individual houses have been found feasible / & economical by paying subsidy – it worthwhile subsidizing to reduce CO2 generation.
6. Massive investment & incentives  in solar panels  and related technologies.
7. Insisting on people switching over to LED bulbs from filament bulbs.

8. Compulsory energy star rating for household equipment– research  in these areas to reduce power consumption. Massive investment in hybrid (Or hybrid-like) technologies  for 2 wheelers, trucks, etc.

I will be pleased to hear your views

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