Posted by: qmaxim | February 12, 2009


There is hue and cry about Karnataka H.M. (home minister) Acharya’s proposal to appoint Ombudsman for electronic media.
I think there is some merit in what he is saying – Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely This is applicable to electronic media as well.
Following is an instance regarding alleged kidnapping of CPM MLA’s daughter incident in Mangalore. These are the news headlines in leading news channel
in sequential order:

++ CPM MLA’s daughter and friend kidnapped from bus by Bhajrang dal activists – severely beaten up. One more instance failure of law and order.
++ Girl’s father says Rama sene people were responsible – insensitivity of HM, I will take it up with central leadership. No news about girl getting beaten up.
++ Alleged perpetrators arrested, 4/5 from outside state. It turns out that they belong to CITU union (communist union)
++ News item abruptly pulled out of news headlines from all channels – no explanation given.

Half the guys including the newspapers opposing are asking what is an Ombudsman?
By the way, Times of India (TOI) did have a ombudsman many years ago.

I will be pleased to hear your views

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