Posted by: qmaxim | February 9, 2009

without comment

Explanation for Mangalore violence in the pub -without comment:
Sri Ram sena is a sena of Vanars (Sri Ram Sena Activists) led by their Chief Vanar (Mr. Muthalik) trying to protects Sitas (Indian Girls who have lost their composure in the Land of the Sita) from the land of demons, The Lanka (pubs/bars). They ain’t doing anything wrong.. While Sri Ram also gave lots of advice to the Ravans but ultimately had to attack as the Ravans of Lanka did not bend.. So stop arguing abt the minuscule violence and start rectifying our culture in actionable terms.. Keep educating the youth the pubs not to cross extensive boundaries.. Well if they don’t listen hand over them to law, and if the law of the land doesn’t take action or sides with the so called pub activities then its time for moral police to come in whack one or two.

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