Posted by: qmaxim | January 27, 2009


I read parts of Catch-22 by Joseph Heller again.
It is one of my all time favorites- brilliant satire set during world war-2.
The tale is essentially that of

fictional airman, Yossarian, the existential hero and moral center of Heller’s fierce satirical depiction of army life in Catch-22.
The title of this brilliant satire, in which the real enemy appears to be the commanding officers rather than the opposing army,
has passed into the language. With sinister logic, Yossarian, who is trying to get himself
removed from action on the grounds of insanity, is told that only madmen want to fly missions,
and the fact that he wants to be grounded proves that he is sane,
and therefore fit to fly. A Catch-22 situation describes any similar no-win argument.

Even now it has many parallels in daily life everyday.
Those of you who have not read grab a copy if you can.

I will be pleased to hear your views

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