Posted by: qmaxim | January 14, 2008

CSR and Tata

CSR (corporate social responsibility) is becoming increasingly relevant / urgent to companies especially the ones operating internationally, & the ones operating in fields such as metal, petroleum (i.e. polluting / global warming offenders).
Increasingly, it is not optional for such companies.

But, Tatas have been having such a program for decades when it was not fashionable.
e.g. Tata Steel had such a program since 1930s. They were managing entire Jemshedpur township & providing medical and educational services in the neighbourhood.
More importantly, in the holding company of Tata group (called Tata sons) majority of the shares are held by charities. Consequently, all the income goes towards CSR like activities.
So, CSR is institutionalised at the holding company level as well as individual group company level. This has been the case since 1930s.

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