Posted by: qmaxim | December 13, 2007

Citibank woes

Kind of expected problems with Citibank.
I had a bad experience:
Citi was happy to accept my small IMD (issued by Govt of India) deposit of $USD 25,000, promising the best commission among all the agents in dubai.
During accepting deposit no questions were asked and was told that on allotment commission will be paid promptly.
They gave all types of excuses for not paying, making it clear that they don’t want small customers like me. Finally, afater many months I wrote a nasty eamil to their head guy & openly insulting the manager here finally I got my money.

This is typical charteristic of a bank which promises a lot during accepting the money but thinks nothing of not delivering it when it is time to give returns.

I will be pleased to hear your views

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